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Crop Alert

Protecting your crops against diseases: Ascochyta, Blackspot Manager, BYDV & Rust. May 2014...

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Chickpea Crop Alert

Ascochyta blight has been detected in all varieties of chickpeas in Victoria this year, including varieties with an ‘R’ rating....

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2013 Rainfall Data

2013 Monthly and weekly rainfall data (in mm) for all Australia, starting from January 2013 and last updated on November 09, 2013...

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Trial Outcomes

Over 630 NVT trials are sown each year but not all are harvested. Of those harvested, not all are suitable for release...

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Canola disease monitoring

Canola disease monitoring occurred at many NVT sites in 2012. Site specific information is available through the Google Map at a site near you...

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