Our Partners

NVT is supported by the Australian Government and growers through the Grains Research and Development Corporation (GRDC) and is managed by the Australian Crop Accreditation System (ACAS) Limited. ACAS Trustees are GRDC, Grains Producers Australia and the Australian Seed Federation.

ACAS logoAustralian Crop Accreditation System Limited (ACAS)

The Australian Crop Accreditation System Limited (ACAS) is a not-for-profit company established to provide information to growers and their advisers on the performance of field crop varieties in Australia. Its trustees are the Grain Producers Australia (GPA), Grains Research and Development Corporation (GRDC) and the Australian Seed Federation (ASF). ACAS has managed NVT since its establishment in 2005. ACAS has been established to:
  • provide sound information on the performance and characteristics of grain crop varieties, so that growers can make informed selections from available varieties
  • develop and maintain protocols for evaluating the yield, quality, disease and other agronomic characteristics of grain crop varieties
  • invite plant breeding organisations to submit varieties they wish to have included in National Variety Trials
  • manage a system of National Variety Trials to deliver technical information where the information conforms to established protocols
  • examine and audit as appropriate the procedures used to generate submitted technical information against the established protocols
  • publish variety information in a form that enables growers to make valid comparisons between available varieties
Visit the Australian Crop Accreditation System Limited (ACAS) website

Grains Research & Development Corporation (GRDC)

The Grains Research & Development Corporation (GRDC) is one of the world's leading grains research organisations, responsible for planning, investing and overseeing research and development, delivering improvements in production, sustainability and profitability across the Australian grains industry. The GRDC's mission is to invest in research and development for the greatest benefit to its stakeholders – Australian grain growers and the Commonwealth. The Corporation links innovative research with industry needs. The GRDC's vision is for a profitable, internationally competitive and ecologically sustainable grains industry. The GRDC's research portfolio covers 25 leviable crops spanning temperate and tropical cereals, oilseeds and pulses, worth over $7 billion a year in farm production, alone. The GRDC is a statutory corporation, operating as a research investment body in partnership with growers and Government. Funding is provided through a levy on grain growers. This is determined each year by the grains industry's peak body. The Australian Government matches this funding, up to an agreed ceiling. Visit the Grains Research & Development Corporation (GRDC) website

GPA logoGrain Producers Australia (GPA)

Grain Producers Australia (GPA) represents Australia's broad-acre, grain, pulse and oilseed producers at the national level. Broadly stated, GPA was created to foster a strong, innovative, profitable, globally competitive and environmentally sustainable grains industry in Australia. The objectives of GPA are to establish a strong independent national advocate for grain producers based on a rigorous and transparent policy development process; engage all sectors of the Australian grains industry to ensure operation of the most efficient and profitable grain supply chain; and facilitate a strategic approach to Research, Development and Extension (RDE) intended to deliver sound commercial outcomes from industry research. GPA is the ultimate outcome of two grains industry roundtables run by Grains Council of Australia (GCA) in October 2009 and February 2010. GCA was the former recognised peak national grain producer representative body and initiated the roundtables because it had been crippled by a fractured membership and severely limited in its financial capacity for several years. The GCA membership and funding model relied heavily on state farming organisations (SFOs). GPA is a not for profit company limited by guarantee and is accountable to its members through board elections and annual review of operations. The GPA Board is directly accountable to grain producers in the same way a corporate board is accountable to its shareholders. The charter of the GPA Board is to provide representation for Australia's grain producers and to foster a culture of service within GPA. GPA has voluntary membership drawn directly from the community of grain producers. The members pay an application fee and an annual subscription fee which are intended to be the main source of funds for GPA. This funding model provides an equitable system where all producers can contribute to the advocacy at a national level and alleviate the financial burden on the state based groups to fund the national structures. Visit the Grain Producers Australia website

ASF logoAustralian Seed Federation

The Australian Seed Federation has a vision to increase prosperity to Australian agriculture through leadership and management of issues critical to the successful progress of the Australian seed industry. As the peak seed organisation in Australia, the Australian Seed Federation represents the interests of its members involved in the breeding, production and marketing of sowing seed - at state, national and international level. The ASF represents a diversity of geography, climate, crops, cultivars and interests in its membership and its members see Australia as a leading seed producer to the world's farmers. With over 60 years commitment to the seed industry the ASF has acquired a strong presence throughout the domestic and international seed sectors. Since 1986 ASF has been an incorporated company limited by guarantee. The ASF is focused on meeting the needs of its members by: Working for the development and improvement of agriculture and horticulture as such activities relate to the research, development, production, marketing and end use of sowing seed. Negotiating and cooperating with appropriate bodies in Australia and internationally on issues and decisions, which affect the seed industry. Promoting export trade in Australian produced seeds as a reliable producer and exporter of high quality seeds. Visit the Australian Seed Federation website