The number of agricultural research publications available to growers and advisors is continually increasing. The NVT website acts as a compendium for this information and on this page you will find many resources and documents relating to Queensland winter crop production.


Title Year Link to Resource
~2018 Wheat Varieties Queensland 2018 View
2017 Queensland Wheat Variety Guide 2017 View
Cereal Rust Reports 2016 View
Crop (Wheat) Seasonal Outlook Queensland (October) 2016 2016 View
Grain Trade Australia – Wheat Standards 2012/2013 2013 View
Queensland Wheat Variety Guide 2016 2016 View
Wheat Quality Markets in Queensland 2012 View


Title Year Link to Resource
Barley Australia – Malt Preferred Varieties 2016 View
Barley Diseases 2012 View
Barley: Malt, Feed Varieties and Sowing Times 2012 View
Barley: Planting, Nutrition and Harvesting 2012 View
Grain Trade Australia – Barley Standards 2012/2013 2013 View
QLD & N/NSW Barley – planting and disease guide 2014 2014 View