The number of agricultural research publications available to growers and advisors is continually increasing. The NVT website acts as a compendium for this information and on this page you will find many resources and documents relating to Queensland winter crop production.


Title Year Link to Resource
2017 Queensland Wheat Variety Guide 2017 View
Cereal Rust Reports 2016 View
Crop (Wheat) Seasonal Outlook Queensland (October) 2016 2016 View
Grain Trade Australia – Wheat Standards 2012/2013 2013 View
Queensland Wheat Variety Guide 2016 2016 View
Wheat Quality Markets in Queensland 2012 View


Title Year Link to Resource
Barley Australia – Malt Preferred Varieties 2016 View
Barley Diseases 2012 View
Barley: Malt, Feed Varieties and Sowing Times 2012 View
Barley: Planting, Nutrition and Harvesting 2012 View
Grain Trade Australia – Barley Standards 2012/2013 2013 View
QLD & N/NSW Barley – planting and disease guide 2014 2014 View