2020 Variety Nomination and Seed Transfer Instructions

Introduction The NVT program provides independent evaluation of new and commercially available crop varieties. It is managed and funded by GRDC. Breeding companies are invited to nominate new material for evaluation in the NVT program, ensuring they meet the acceptance criteria and conditions of entry. For further information please contact the NVT manager, Neale Sutton at   Nomination Requirements The requirements of nomination into the NVT program are outlined in the NVT protocols found on the NVT website at Key requirements include:
  • Conditions for entry
  • Seed Quality including Germination and Seed Size
  • Submission and Distribution Deadlines
  • Seed Dressing (where applicable)
  Chain of Custody A seed shipment Chain of Custody form has been provided in the nominations workbooks (available upon request) and must accompany all seed shipments made by Plant Breeding Companies (nominating companies) and Service Providers alike. The document has two functions:
  1. As a schedule for the MTA with the sender listing the genotypes covered by the MTA
  2. As a receipt of the safe arrival of seed for the listed genotypes.
The document should accompany all seed shipments. The document is to be signed by the recipient and returned to the sender as an acknowledgement of both a. and b. above.   Quarantine All state and federal quarantine regulations must be followed when shipping seed for the NVT program. Quarantine restrictions apply to, but are not limited to, seed entering Western Australia and Tasmania, as well as the movement of Lupin seed across various states.   All seed shipments to Tasmania must be accompanied by a signed and completed Notice of Intention to Import Grain/Seed form. NVT import instructions for Tasmania can be found here.   State and federal quarantine information can be found at the following links: Any costs incurred for quarantine inspections for seed shipments into WA must be met by the Breeding Company shipping the seed. Random inspections at the WA quarantine facilities can incur a $43 fee per shipment.   NVT Seed Delivery Instructions Communication with the relevant trial service providers will assist efficient transfer of seed. The following guidelines will assist the timeliness of seed transfer for NVT trials. Documentation The required documentation for seed imported to WA and TAS includes:
  • Package labelling including destination address, contact and phone number
  • Plant health certificate
  • Consignment note
  • Chain of custody document
  All seed shipments to Tasmania must be accompanied by a signed and completed Notice of Intention to Import Grain/Seed form. NVT import instructions for Tasmania can be found here.   A Plant Health Certificate is a preferred minimum requirement to accompany any seed shipment. The issuing party should contact Damian Mansfield (WA Quarantine) as soon as the certificate has been issued. It is important to inform Damian where the seed originated from. To avoid unnecessary delays, communication should also be copied to   Please note: Plant Health Certificates must be the original document. If emailing a copy to the Quarantine WA officer (Damian Mansfield), Quarantine WA will accept the copy , however the Plant Health Certificate must be endorsed as follows: ‘This is a true and original copy’ and signed and dated by the issuing Inspector.   Labelling Label each package with the title of the type of grain and the lot number on the plant health certificate, e.g.: wheat seed, Lot No. 1234. The container must also be labelled “Present to Quarantine WA on arrival”. The consignment note must also indicate the type of grain being sent, e.g. wheat seed, Lot No. 1243 and show the number of bags in the shipment (e.g.: 1 of 4 etc.).   Follow Up When seed has been sent, please email confirmation of the seed dispatch to the recipient (Kalyx or Living Farm) to ensure they are able to follow up the quarantine process. Details required include: sender details, name of transport company, date shipment left, number of bags in shipment, consignment number, and copy of chain of custody document.   Key Contacts
WA Quarantine Seeds Officer Kalyx Agriculture Living Farm
Damian Mansfield Barrett Sinclair Richard Devlin
Ph: 08 9334 1800 175 Star Street 2 Maxwell Street
Mob: 0404 819 523 Carlisle  WA  6101 York WA 6302
E: and copy: Ph: 08 9416 4666 Ph: 08 9641 2845
  Winter Cereal Seed Increase Requirements Seed of commercial varieties (excluding canola) for the NVT program are supplied from a common seed source. Breeding companies are required to provide seed of newly commercialised varieties to the winter seed nursery so that the new varieties can be included in the coming year’s increase for the following year’s trials. Seed requirements are as follows:   2020 details TBC.   Additional Projects In addition to the seed required for the NVT trials, some seed is also required for NVT Pathology disease screening and Herbicide Tolerance screening each year. This has been incorporated into the additional projects area of the nominations workbook.    

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