Information on recently released varieties tested in the National Variety Trials program. Links to downloadable fact sheets or the commercialising company’s website have been provided where available. The EPR link redirects users to the Variety Central website where further End Point Royalty information can be found.


Variety Release Year Test Code PBR EPR Marketer Breeder Link to Resource
Anapurna 2020 Anapurna TRUE AGT Seeds AGT View
Comments:Anapurna is a European variety brought to Australia by AGT which excels in very long season, high rainfall environments throughout the mainland of southern Australia and Tasmania. Anapurna is an awned, dual purpose winter wheat variety with red grain, suitable for feed markets.
Ascot 2020 BSWDH10 - 215 TRUE BASF/Seednet BASF View
Comments:BASF to enter Australian wheat market with Ascot wheat seed for the 2021 winter planting season. Ascot is a mid-late season variety with excellent yield potential in favourable growing conditions.
Ballista 2020 RAC2598 TRUE AGT Seeds AGT View
Comments:Ballista (tested as RAC2598) has been released off the back of outstanding results in our yield trials over many years, offering very high and stable yields in SA and Victoria, particularly for Mallee environments where AH quality, CCN resistance and Mace type maturity are attributes that growers are looking for.
Bitalli 2019 AGTD088 TRUE AGT Seeds AGT View
Comments:Bitalli (tested as AGTD088) is a 'low risk' durum variety, combining adaptation to a range of environments and growing conditions, excellent grain quality with low screenings risk and high test weights, improved levels of straw strength, whilst setting a new yield benchmark across all Southern Australian durum growing environments.
Catapult 2019 RAC2484 Yes AGT Seeds AGT View
Comments:Catapult (RAC2484) may be viewed as a 'longer season' Scepter, with a mid-late maturity allowing growers to achieve Scepter-like yields when sown in late April. Catapult offers a unique combination of features to growers, combining this maturity type with yellow leaf spot resistance, CCN resistance and AH quality (in SA/Vic/sNSW). WA classification to be sought late 2019. Seed available for the 2020 growing season. (AGT 2019)
Coota 2020 V10100-064 TRUE AGT Seeds AGT View
Comments:Coota (V10100-064), bred by our team at Wagga Wagga, has been released to offer growers an earlier sowing, APH quality wheat variety that maintains high yield potential across NSW.
DBA Artemis 2019 UAD1154197 TRUE Southern Australia Durum Growers Association Inc University of Adelaide View
Comments:DBA Artemis has a small yield potential advantage over DBA Aurora (but region dependent). Screenings levels and disease profile are comparable to both Aurora and Spes. Artemis is well adapted for production in the southern wheat growing areas of Australia (SA & Vic). Well suited to early-sowing (early May) or mid-sowing (mid-late May). Is tolerant to a range of common grass and broadleaf herbicides. Is WQA approved and is classified ADR in Southern Australia (SA & Vic)
Denison 2020 WAGT734 TRUE AGT Seeds AGT View
Comments:Denison (WAGT734) has been developed by our Northam (WA) breeding team and has emerged out of a Mace/Corack cross. Denison is a slow-very slow spring wheat, a maturity that is very uncommon, but fits the sowing window of mid April in most parts of WA, SA and Victoria.
EG Jet 2019 EDGE17-025-03 TRUE Elders Edstar Genetics View
Hammer CL Plus 2020 OAGT0016 TRUE AGT Seeds AGT View
Comments:Hammer CL Plus (tested as OAGT0016) is a high yielding AH Clearfield wheat variety for WA, SA, Vic and southern NSW growers, and shares similar maturity and adaptation to close relative Mace. (AGT 2020)
LRPB Hellfire 2019 LPB14-3634 Yes Longreach Plant Breeders Longreach Plant Breeders View
Comments:Mid - quick maturing high yielding main season variety with protein accumulation similar to LRPB Spitfire. Good early vigour, solid resistance to Stem and Stripe rusts, Good RLN tolerance, and good yield performance under Crown Rot pressure. APH classification NSW and QLD. AH Vic/SA
LRPB Nighthawk 2019 LPB14-0392 Yes Longreach Plant Breeders Longreach Plant Breeders View
Comments:Slow maturing Spring wheat with a unique set of maturity holds that allows it to be planted earlier in systems that don’t suit the traditional winter wheat types. Demonstrated high yields throughout the late March – Late April sowing window while maintaining yield in later sowings. AH Southern NSW, APW Vic/SA, Northern NSW & QLD expected Spring 2020
LRPB Nyala 2019 LPB12-0145 Yes Longreach Plant Breeders Longreach Plant Breeders View
Comments:LRPB Nyala (LPB12-0145) is a soft wheat (ASFT ) released for WA market primarily.
LRPB Parakeet 2019 LPB12-0168 Yes Longreach Plant Breeders Longreach Plant Breeders View
Comments:Quicker maturing Noodle (ANW) wheat that is similar maturity to LRPB Lincoln well suited to dry land production systems in NSW. Currently under large volume end use evaluation.
LRPB Stealth 2020 LPB15-2757 TRUE Advanta Seeds Longreach Plant Breeders View
Comments:Slow-Spring maturing variety similar to LRPB Lancer. The result of a dedicated cross to increase Crown Rot resistance in widely grown APH germplasm, LRPB Stealth shows excellent Crown Rot resistance (MRMSp) and demonstrated yield stability in tough conditions. Medium plant height with similar growth and yield accumulation pattern as LRPB Lancer. APH classification in NSW&QLD, APW Vic/SA with possible upgrade Spring 2020.
RGT Ivory 2020 SFR86-044 TRUE Seed Force Seed Force View
Rockstar 2019 IGW4341 Yes InterGrain InterGrain View
Sting 2020 RAC2559 TRUE AGT Seeds AGT View
Comments:Sting is a high yielding, quicker maturing variety, particularly suited to the low-medium rainfall environments of WA.
Sunblade CL Plus 2020 SUN968G TRUE AGT Seeds AGT View
Suncentral 2020 SUN972V TRUE AGT Seeds AGT View
Sunchaser 2019 SUN843E TRUE AGT Seeds AGT View
Comments:Tested as SUN843E, Sunchaser may be viewed as a 'safer Suntop', offering a much lower risk of screenings, whilst retaining its very wide adaptation, yield and agronomic suitability for QLD and NSW.
Sunflex 2020 SUN862I TRUE AGT Seeds AGT View
Sunmaster 2020 SUN972P TRUE AGT Seeds AGT View
Westcourt 2019 AGTD090 TRUE AGT Seeds AGT View
Comments:Westcourt (tested as AGTD090) is our first durum variety specifically bred to perform in the northern durum growing region, offering a dominant package of yield, disease resistance and grain quality.


Variety Release Year Test Code PBR EPR Marketer Breeder Link to Resource
Beast 2020 AGTB0113 TRUE AGT Seeds AGT View
Laperouse 2020 WI4952 TRUE Seednet University of Adelaide View
Comments:Laperouse has been bred for high grain yield in medium-high rainfall zones, improved physical grain quality, earlier sowing opportunities than other spring barley varieties, excellent straw strength and lodging resistance, and improved resistance to Net and Spot form of net blotches. Laperouse will be in seed production in 2020 and available to growers in 2021. Seed will be available from Seednet Partners across Australia. Currently under malt evaluation. (Seednet 2020)
Leabrook 2019 WI4896 TRUE Seednet University of Adelaide View
Comments:Mid-early maturing, medium-tall variety under malting evaluation. Bred for yield and grain size improvement over Compass.
Maximus CL 2019 IGB1705T TRUE InterGrain InterGrain View
Comments:Exceptionally high yielding, early to mid-flowering, potential malt, imidazoline-tolerant barley. Seed available 2021.
Nitro 2020 HV8 Grainsearch affiliates Grainsearch View
Comments:Nitro (originally coded HV8) is GrainSearch’s newest feed grade barley and is currently undergoing commercial seed production in 2020 by two supporting GrainSearch Affiliates – AMPS (NSW) and Midland Seeds (Tas). Nitro is a mid-season maturity, mid straw height barley with proven high yield potential. (Grainsearch 2020)


Variety Release Year Test Code PBR EPR Marketer Breeder Link to Resource
Hyola 540XC 2019 M64001 Pacific Seeds Advanta Seeds View
Comments:Hyola 540XC is the world’s first TruFlex® + Clearfield® dual herbicide tolerant canola hybrid. Combining the wider spray window provided by TruFlex® technology with the ability to apply IMI herbicides in-crop or to plant into soils with IMI soil residue, Hyola 540XC is the new tool in growers’ IWM arsenal. Hyola 540XC offers dual herbicide tolerance plus good lodging resistance, even flowering and manageable height for direct harvesting.
HyTTec Trident 2019 NCH15T103 Nuseed Nuseed View
Comments:HyTTec Trident is the second release for Nuseed’s new breed of hybrid TT canola. HyTTec Trident is an early maturing variety which has shown exceptional yield performance against current hybrid and open-pollinated TT varieties in both NVT and internal trials.
InVigor R 4022P 2019 InVigor R 4022P BASF BASF View
Comments:InVigor R 4022P (Hybrid, Roundup Ready Canola variety) was released in 2019. It was developed by BASF Australia.
Xseed Raptor 2019 NCH15G290 Nuseed Nuseed View
Comments:Xseed Raptor is a mid-maturing variety which has shown exceptional yield performance against current Roundup Ready hybrid varieties in both NVT’s and Monsanto stewarded trials. Xseed Raptor was in the ground in 2017, 2018 & 2019 in a combination of National Variety Trials (NVT’s) and Monsanto stewarded trials. In 2019 Xseed Raptor will also be demonstrated in Nuseed’s grower-based Crop Agronomy Trials (CAT) across Australia. Xseed Raptor will be commercially available for sale and planting in 2020.


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CBA Captain 2020 CICA1521 TRUE Chickpea Breeding Australia View
PBA Royal 2019 CICA1156 TRUE Seednet National Chickpea Breeding Initiative View
Comments:PBA Royal is a high yielding medium sized kabuli chickpea. It is particularly well adapted to the medium rainfall chickpea growing regions of south eastern Australia. In these regions, it has improved grain yields in mid to high yielding environments (greater than 1.5 t/ha) compared to Genesis™090, PBA Monarch and Genesis™Kalkee. In the northern region, PBA Royal has higher yields than PBA Monarch across a range of yield groups (1.0 to 4.0 t/ha). PBA Royal has seed size greater than Genesis™090 but smaller than PBA Monarch.

Faba Bean

Variety Release Year Test Code PBR EPR Marketer Breeder Link to Resource
PBA Amberley 2019 AF11023 Seednet National Faba Bean Initiative View
Comments:PBA Amberley is a mid-season flowering faba bean that has high yield potential in the higher rainfall and long growing season districts of south eastern Australia. It has a greater level of resistance to chocolate spot than all current varieties and is also resistant to both pathotypes 1 and 2 of ascochyta blight. The improved disease resistance of PBA Amberley offers the potential to reduce the risk and cost of faba bean production in high rainfall areas where foliar fungal diseases are a major constraint. Seed is light brown and medium in size and suitable for co-mingling with the current faba bean varieties for export to the major food markets in the Middle East.
PBA Bendoc 2018 AF15369 Yes Seednet Pulse Breeding Australia View
Comments:A faba bean variety tolerant to some imidazolinone (Group B) herbicides. Similar yields to current faba bean varieties grown in southern Australia. Good adaptation throughout southern Australia. Small to medium sized seed suited to the Middle East markets.
PBA Marne 2018 AF09169 Yes Seednet Pulse Breeding Australia View
Comments:A high yielding faba bean variety for short season areas in the Southern Region. Early flowering particularly when sown early. Medium plant height with good standing ability. Medium sized seed suited to the Middle East markets.
PBA Nanu 2018 IX486/7-6 Yes Seednet Pulse Breeding Australia View
Comments:High yielding across faba bean growing areas of northern NSW and southern QLD. Superior rust resistance to other faba bean varieties. Similar level of resistance to BLRV as that of PBA Nasma. Similar flowering and maturity time to PBA Warda and PBA Nasma. Larger and more uniform seed than PBA Warda, but slightly smaller than PBA Nasma.

Field Pea

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Coyote 2019 WALAN2546 TRUE AGT Seeds AGT View
Comments:Tested as WALAN2546, Coyote is the first narrow-leaf lupin variety to be released by AGT, offering high and stable yields in lupin growing areas of WA, SA and Victoria.


Variety Release Year Test Code PBR EPR Marketer Breeder Link to Resource
Bilby 2019 SV06204-16 TRUE Various National Oat Breeding Program View
Comments:Bilby is a highly promising milling oat variety from the SARDI National Oat Breeding Program. It is early / mid season in maturity which will suit most traditional oat growing areas of Australia. It is dwarf in stature with excellent yield potential similar to Bannister and Williams. Bilby has excellent grain quality with high groat percent and high levels of B-glucan which is desirable for marketers. Bilby can offer growers a high yielding variety with grain quality marketers require. It is approved for milling in Western Australia.
Koorabup 2019 SV05096-32 TRUE Various National Oat Breeding Program View
Comments:Koorabup (tested as 05096-32) is a new high yielding hay oat variety developed for WA with a similar height and similar or slightly later hay cutting time than Carrolup. Koorabup has the best septoria resistance of any current hay variety. Hay and grain yields are similar to Carrolup. Hay colour is excellent with improved digestibility compared to Carrolup. Koorabup has improved foliar disease resistance and grain quality compared to other current hay varieties and combines improved septoria resistance with good rust and bacterial blight resistances. Koorabup has better grain quality than Carrolup, low screenings and bright grain. Koorabup has better lodging and shattering resistance than Wintaroo and Brusher and is similar to Mulgara.


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PBA Hallmark XT 2018 CIPAL1422 Yes PB Seeds Pulse Breeding Australia View
Comments:Highest yielding herbicide tolerant lentil; 5-12% long term yield advantage over PBA Hurricane XT. PBA Hallmark XT and PBA Hurricane XT have similar herbicide tolerance. High early vigour. Mid flowering. Mid maturity. High resistance to botrytis grey mould (R/MR). Moderate resistance to ascochyta blight.
PBA Highland XT 2019 CIPAL1621 TRUE PB Seeds National Lentil Initiative View
Comments:PBA Highland XT is a herbicide tolerant red lentil variety which will complement other tolerant varieties such as PBA Hallmark XT and PBA Hurricane XT. It is an early-mid maturing variety as a point of difference to other Group B tolerant lines and has performed well in drier regions such as the Victorian Mallee and in South Australia. It also has improved resistance to ascochyta blight and maintains this level of resistance against an increasingly prevalent pathogen isolate that is virulent on other Group B tolerant varieties. These features together with its high yielding capability, particularly in drier seasons, will make PBA Highland XT a good alternative herbicide tolerant medium sized lentil variety.
PBA Kelpie XT 2019 CIPAL1721 TRUE National Lentil Initiative View
Comments:PBA Kelpie XT is a large red lentil with herbicide tolerance, the first one of its class in Australia. The early-mid flowering and maturity characteristics of this variety make it a good variety for most lentil cropping regions of Australia. This high yielding variety has the same mechanism of tolerance to group B herbicides as other tolerant lentil varieties such as PBA Hurricane XT, PBA Hallmark XT and PBA Highland XT. PBA Kelpie XT’s resistance to pod drop and shattering offers potential yield benefits when experienced with extreme weather conditions around crop harvest. It has been provisionally rated as resistant/moderately resistant to botrytis grey mould (BGM) offering an additional advantage over most other XT lentils. PBA Kelpie XT gives further market opportunities for growers by combining herbicide tolerance in the large seed market class, complementing previous small and medium red lentil releases.


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